"Please, God, please, don't let me be normal"

Though I had been interested in divination from a young age I couldn't find the concentration to really study any of it and just admired the shiny rocks and flipped through the pretty pictures on the tarot and oracle cards. Eventually, the conscious decision was made to invest the energy into growing my own intuition by reading a few books, but it wasn't until I broke away to find my own philosophies that I was able to open up a path to personal growth. The best way to learn, like most things, is by practice. Runes, tarot, scrying...I've now been studying these tools for 14 years, but there's still so much more to know.

The Occultemist shop

Like many who get into the divination arts, the first things I came across were the histories on the occult. In particular, the dedication of alchemical science fascinated me. One who practices (or appreciates) occult + alchemy could be an occultemist!

I started Occultemist as a way to spread my love of the divination - both the art of the practice and the eclectic aesthetic. The wares in my shop are a reflection of my personal tastes - things I would buy myself. My hope is that I can continue to grow my offerings to include all types of accessories to help others on their journeys of personal growth.